Are you stuck in a Spiritual Dead End?

Still seeking the peace and happiness you were originally searching for?

I help spiritual seekers who have found their path is not delivering the awakening they were searching for, to SHIFT to a life rooted in PRESENCE and beyond the mind.

What is Advanced Mindfulness?

Advanced Mindfulness goes beyond traditional mindfulness in that it no longer buys into the belief of a self that needs to get ‘something’ in order to find peace and clarity and happiness. Rather Advanced Mindfulness points to the realisation being already present and empowers you with the tools and techniques to allow presence to be the natural resting point in your life.

Sagara draws from the following traditions:

Shaitsu / Chi Kung

Meridian based physical and breathing exercises to enhance presence

Deep Looking

Asking the mind-body questions and resting with whatever arises

The Kiloby Inquiries

Inquiry to transform the most stubborn human conditioning


Learning to understand the language and behaviour of your own mind

Direct Pointing

Deprogramming our ideas about the world, others and ourselves

Traditional Mindfulness

Traditional mindfulness based techniques as a resource for going deeper

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How it Works!

Your Advanced Mindfulness Inquiry Session will take place on Zoom. Sagara will guide you to a place of calm and peace from which you can begin to look at your experience. You will then dialogue with Sagara about what sensations and thoughts arises for you in response to various questions he asks, or prompts that he gives you. You will learn Advanced Mindfulness Techniques which will allow you to rest with your experience in such a way that limiting patterns are seen through. And you will come to be able to use these techniques outside of the session to work with yourself when alone.

Aspects of the session will include:

Developing Awareness

Increasing your capacity for awareness to allow you to explore.

Unearthing Views

Creating the circumstances to allow unconscious views to be seen.

Challenging Views

Challenging views to deal with the emotional imapct they cause.

Resting with Experience

Becoming more at ease with resting with difficult experience.

Being with Resistance

Learning to be with and examine resistance to whatever arises.

Allowing Transformation

Allowing the process of transformation that naturally occurs..

Who is Sagara

“I help entrepreneurs unearth and transform the unconscious patterns that are holding them back.”

With over 25 years experience of working in awareness based modalities to help people in personal development, mental health and business, I have the in-depth knowledge and skills to help you bring you into a clear seeing of the way things REALLY are, and to help you rest in the PRESENCE of that realisation. 

“I am in awe after this first session. It was brilliant. Sagara lead me with kindness and presence and I felt safe and cared for. This method opened up so much space for me around a really stuck issue that I honestly thought was never gonna leave. Now I have hope and feel lighter, more at ease.”

- Shanti Stina

"Sagara was very gentle and perceptive, and could very quickly get into my issue, understand it, and help me unpick it. He was very calm and confident as well and I was surprised how quickly I felt differently about the issue I had raised. I wouldn’t hesitate to book a session with him ."

- Cait Hughes

Transform your self and your business with….

Advanced Mindfulness Inquiry