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What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness practices allow us to be present with what is happening rather than what thoughts about what is happening. Often we are so involved in stories about the past and the future, that we completely miss what is happening now. By becoming more aware of the present moment, and less involved in imagined scenarios, we find our life becomes calmer, simpler and more peaceful.


Experience increased periods of peace and calm throughout each day.

Clarity of Mind

Allow the mind to become less distracted and increasingly focussed .


Integrate divided energies to bring increased purpose and drive.

Emotional Awareness

Have a richer emotional life with an increased awareness of emotions.

Emotional Resilience

Learn how to deal with difficult emotions without feeling phased.


Having less ups and downs, experience a more balanced life.

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What are the Kiloby Inquiries?

The Kiloby Inquiries (KI) go further than traditional mindfulness in that it mines our deepest habits and tendencies and allows us to come into relationship with all the different parts of ourselves, even the most painful ones from the past. Through the practice of KI we find that the suffering we experience reduces dramatically, and is replaced by a feeling of freedom and peace.

Emotional Resolution

Experience greater emotional clarity and the ability to feel emotions more deeply.

Lack of Conflict

Notice a clarity of thought and presence in situations and relationships.

Increased Energy

Feel more alive with increased and more focussed energy available.

Reduced Reactivity

Resolve and feel freedom from ingrained habitual reactive patterns.

Personal Truth

Experience your emotional responses without self criticism or judgement..

Emotional Intelligence

Begin to relate to the world from your heart rather than your intellect

Who is Sagara

A qualified Kiloby Inquiries facilitator with over 25 years experience of Mindfulness Practice
Since the age of twenty-three Sagara’s main focus in life has been in personal development, and using the skills he has learned to help others. His current main tools are mindfulness and the Kiloby Inquiries.

“I am in awe after this first session. It was brilliant. Sagara lead me with kindness and presence and I felt safe and cared for. This method opened up so much space for me around a really stuck issue that I honestly thought was never gonna leave. Now I have hope and feel lighter, more at ease.”

- Shanti Stina

"Sagara was very gentle and perceptive, and could very quickly get into my issue, understand it, and help me unpick it. He was very calm and confident as well and I was surprised how quickly I felt differently about the issue I had raised. I wouldn’t hesitate to book a session with him ."

- Cait Hughes

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