As a teenager, I struggled to make sense of this world. The opportunities being presented to me did not seem to lead to happiness in those that touted them. Rather, something seemed deeply amiss.

Thirty years later, married with kids, post heart surgery, and with a diagnosis of melanoma, I am at much more at peace with life. It isn’t so much the 25+ years of meditation and Buddhist practice, though that prepared the way.

It’s more the realisation that it is possible to live in presence, outside of the realm of thought. And that all the pain of the past, and the issues that life constantly throws at us, can be healed by simply resting in this presence.

How I can help you

You may find yourself with a feeling that life has more to offer. That something stands between you and happiness. And a knowing that this cannot be met by anything outside of yourself.

I can point you towards resting in this presence, whereby all the problems that you have experienced in life can be healed. This process of healing is not always easy but it is always rewarding.

I use the Kiloby Inquiries and Advanced Mindfulness techniques that help to break the hold of thoughts over your life. This is a  completely different level to the mindfulness techniques taught on introductory courses.

These techniques work faster and are more effective and are directed at the particular way unhappiness manifests in your life. The aim is to educate and equip you so that in time you will be able to use these techniques without any need for my help.

  • Qualified Kiloby Inquiries Facilitator
  • 25+ years experience in mindfulness, meditation and Buddhism
  • 10+ years of Tai Chi / Chi Kung and Yoga practice
  • Tutor on the Mindfulness MSC at Coventry University
  • Work in the UK prison system the NHS teaching mindfulness.


“I have seen first hand the impact Sagara’s session of Mindfulness has on people & it has been a transformation”

Val Armstrong, Sunderland Carers’ Centre

“It is obvious that Sagara teaches from his own experience gleaned from his many years of deep practice. I find he is able to make mindfulness relevant to people’s lives.”

Suryacitta, Mindfulness CIC, Leicester

What to do next


The way I work involves moving into one’s sensations which are often painful. This seems counterintuitive to most of us as we generally seek to avoid pain. It is usually those who have tried everything else and feel they have no where left to turn that tread this path. Do you think that this might be you?

Please check out my blog. I hope that it will be of help to you. And if you like what I say, and would like to explore how to take things further, please do get in touch.