Sometimes it can be useful to have somewhere to turn when our minds seem a little bit ruly and we are struggling to be present with them. With increasingly advanced technology, we can now get some digital help with this!

When we are finding it difficult to be in the present moment, we need to be with what is ACTUALLY happening now. This means that means we need to shift our attention from the narrative of thought – the imagined future – to our current sense based sensations.

In other words, we shift our attention to what is happening with sensations in our eyes, ears, nose, and mouth – and touch/contact based sensations.

This post lists some digital resources that can help with this. I aim to add more from time to time.

Just click on the link in bold to go to the resource.

Connect to the breath with a visual aid – uses a moving diagram that mimics the breath to allow you to connect visually to the breath.

Listen to the rain (really try to listen) – a website which plays the sound of rain. By really listening, rather than having it as background moment, we can enter the present moment.

Create your own Singing Bowl Sound – another tool to encourage listening. Have fun making your own sound at the same time.


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