Still not happy with your life...?

Are you looking for something more from your life?

Many of us have completed the goals we set out to achieve, but we are still dogged by a sense of dissatisfaction with our lives.

Happiness, peace of mind and contentment do not need to remain elusive to us. They are not the stuff of dreams.....

WE also Offer

We also offer various services around dealing with STRESS and improving WELLBEING through Mindfulness. If there is something you’d like help with that you can’t find on our website, please ask:

Business Owners

Is your mind making problems for your business? Would a clearer head help bring a new perspective?

Wellness at Work

Are your employees feeling the strain? Could your workplace benefit from less stress and better wellbeing

One-to-One Coaching from The Mindfulness Coach

Are you looking to to mindfulness in order to transform your life and leave your problems behind? With over 20 years experience in practicing mindfulness mindfulness, Sagara now works in the NHS, the UK prison system, and as a private mindfullness consultant. With extensive experience in working in both groups and one-to-one, he know hows to make the principles of mindfulness relevant to you and your life.

I have found Sagara to be one of the most insightful teachers I have ever encountered.

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