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Limiting beliefs hold you back. Period.

If you believe you are not worthy of success, you are never going to be able to achieve the success you desire.

If you believe that to be successful you need to work 24:7, then you are going to find yourself sacrificing everything else in your life and working 24:7 to achieve your goal.

It’s that simple.

Whatever you TRULY believe will come to pass.

But it’s not always that easy to know what you believe.


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Limiting Beliefs Hide

They are rarely on show.

Rarely do limiting beliefs stick their head over the parapet and wave to let you know they are there.

Rather, they stay hidden. And remain hidden…….

Beneath a whole plethora of related views that form an overlying network under which they hide.

It’s a bit like in a war

Imagine a limiting belief as the commander of an army.

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Hidden secretly and camouflaged, they direct the show

Though the enemy knows the commander is there, he remains invisible – the key player in orchestrating their demise.

Only careful observation and attentiveness to clues will give his position away.

So How Do We Know They Are There?

The clues come out in our behaviour.

We see their presence in various ways.

Often we see them in repeated patterns where we sabotage our own success.

For no obvious reason, we throw it all away.

Again and again.

Or we find ourselves fearful of doing something.

Or we find ourselves attributing blame.

It’s No Good just Papering over the cracks

For sure we can coach someone to go beyond them in a particular scenario.

We can get them to speak up in a situation where they fear to do so.

Or something like that.

But unless we really dig deep and root out the view.

It’s going to come back.

Here’s how Limiting Beliefs Form

And I know this from working with people over and over again.

We develop them in childhood….

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Unable and unequipped to deal with the world, we form mechanisms and strategies that protect us from the pain of life.

That keep us safe.

And this is something we NEED to do.

But no one gives us the tools to deal with these unprocessed emotions.

So we carry them with us from childhood into adulthood…

Where they no longer serve.

But hinder.

Yet Limiting Beliefs can be Transformed.

It is not that difficult to learn techniques to help with this.

To root out the hidden view, bring it into awareness, and allow it to TRANSFORM.

But no-one teaches this at school.

Why we need to do this….

We need to do this because if we allow the limiting belief to be transformed, we cease to be held back by that limitation.

And all the energy tied up in keeping it in place is released.

There is no need to replace the view with a more positive version.

We simply ALLOW the clarity to be in place.

And the our intention to function without being restrained.

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How it Feels to be Free of Limitation

It is incredibly FREEING to become free of limitation in this way.

And yet it feels totally natural.

There is no forcing or aggressiveness or violence.

Just a simple turning towards what we have avoided for so long.

And it benefits us in body, heart and mind.

As well as allowing us to achieve our goals.


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