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I was working with my views about money recently. In truth, I was not that clear about them.

But I was aware that there was something about money perhaps being antithetical to the ‘spiritual life’. 

There was also something about being able to the correct value on my ‘worth’ when offering services to other people.

And the view that things that help others emotionally or spiritually, should be free.

I took this into one session of the Kiloby Inquiries where I was being facilitated by a friend. The session went well – though did not seem remarkable in any way.

There were no flashing lights or bells or trumpets ! Or host of angels visiting, singing celestial songs!

The next day I was sat at work and was asked out of the blue to come and chat to someone I respect, much higher than me in the organisation. It turned out from this meeting that I might get some referrals for my private work.

This was totally unexpected.

Was this purely coincidence? Or had my universe changed in some way due to the Inquiry the day before?

Most of the time we look to the objective world and blame it for our situation…..

We don’t have enough money. Our job isn’t rewarding enough. We always seem to have problems with our broadband. Or something like that.

But there is another side of life. A more magical way of seeing things. 

That when we look and change what is within, the outside circumstances change too.

We tend to live life imprisoned by the views we hold. We create structures in our mind that seem insurmountable.

But they are just the self made prison of thought.

Through techniques such as the Kiloby Inquiries, we can come to see the bonds that we created that were keeping us hemmed in. 

And quite often, it is with some bemusement that we later ask:

Why did I ever think that that could be true?

If you believe that you are not worthy of attention, you will create a world that mirrors this view.

You will find yourself again and again in situations where you are not being given the attention you deserve.

If you believe that your partners are always unfaithful and cannot be trusted, you will find yourself in situations where you feel you are with someone you are unable to trust – even if they are actually quite trustworthy.

If you believe that you are not worthy of success, you will find yourself again and again in situations where opportunities always seem to fall to someone else, and you fail to gain the rewards you think you deserve.

By working on your views rather than searching outside for attention, or the perfect partner, or the the golden opportunity – or whatever it is you are looking for – you might just find that these things begin to appear to you.

If we can live in a world where we are not restricting ourselves in this way, anything can happen.

Maybe we could try seeing if this is true. Try looking inside and see what views are holding us back.

And to free ourselves from their hold.

And maybe we will find that living life in this unfettered way means that nothing is certain. And that the future holds endless possibilities for our creative growth.

That we can be anything we want to be. Rather than being restricted by the way we incorrectly see the world.

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