Are your employees happy at work?

Employee Wellbeing is a significant factor in the effectiveness and productivity of your business.

Would your business benefit from happier, calmer, more positive workforce?

In the UK in 2016/17, 526,000 workers suffered from work-related stress, depression or anxiety, with 12.5 million working days lost. that’s not a small problem!

Our Mindfulness Courses has proven benefit over years


Mental clarity

Reduce time and money  wasted through sluggish, muddled and foggy thinking. Give your employees the tools to work with clear and undistracted minds.


Limited attention span, restlessness, and distractibility hamper focus and productivity. Allow your employees to focus one pointedly on the task at hand.


Confident employees know what they’re good at, and the value they provide. Allow your employees to fulfil their potential by promoting this skill.

Self reliance

Employees stifle business goals when they are unable to take responsibiliy and constanly look for support. Promote self reliance and watch your business grow.


Glum depressed face faces at work are not conducive to a productive environment. Take some pressure away by infusing them with the knowledge of how to be happy.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence gives the ability to self-regulate, and leads to higher levels of motivation – reducing procrastination, and enableing focus on achieving goals.

Our Services

Introduction To Mindfulness Workshop
Our 60 minute Introduction to Mindfulness Workshop introduces both the theory and practice of mindfulness.

Participants will be led in a simple but effective formal mindfulness sitting practice. And given pointers as to how best to implement this into their lives.

This hugely popular, enjoyable, relaxing and informative workshop is the perfect way to introduce mindfulness to your employees.

Mindfulness can bring enormous benefits to the workplace when it is taught correctly by our fully trained mindfulness tutors.

Comprehensive Mindfulness Courses
This six week (1.5 hours per week) Introductory Course introduced mindfulness in greater detail, providing youe employees with the opportunity to really integrate mindfulness into their lives.

The course introduces three main practices, as well as covering the fundamentals of what is needed to be a successful mindfulness practitioner.

Participants will have time to reflect on their practice, clarify their understanding, and learn from others who are attending the course.

Regular Group Mindfulness Meditation Sessions
For those who have completed the Comprehensive Mindfulness Course, these sessions provide a chance to re-group and take their practice deeper. This can help to cement the change in attitude within the bussiness culture, and ensure what has been gained is not lost.
Mindfulness for Individuals
Individuals who have a need for one-to-one coaching can spend time alone with Sagara, exploring anything that is currently sadning in the way of positive emotional and mental wellbeing.

This is especially useful for ‘blockages’ due to stress, grief, and other personal issues.

About Our Courses

Courses can be combined with an initial introductory session to gauge interest. Discounted pricing may be available for groups between 10 and 20 participants.
Mindfulness Sessions can be provided at your place of work if convenient. Or alternative venues can be arranged.
Price Range:

Prices vary depending on location and any additional requirements (such as venue). A guideline would be £200 per session (up to 2 hours) or £300 (up to 3 hours) + extras.

Session Length:
We can alter the session length to suit your needs. Past clients have split the session to offer two groups instead on one.
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Just Some of the Companies we have Worked With..


Productivity rests on focused human attention.

– Dr. Jeremy Hunter, Peter F. Drucker Graduate School of Management

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