Wanting something more from life…?

Have you been searching all your life for a happiness that still eludes you?

By learning to look within we can begin to see that through transforming our own thoughts and emotions, we can come to live a life which is happy, rewarding and aligned with our deepest desires.


Many people are alive but don’t touch the miracle of being alive.

Thich Nhat Hanh

The problem with our lives

Have you got a decent job? Experimented with various relationships? Played around with drink and maybe even drugs? All the things that are supposed to make you happy… ? And yet here you are, still searching…. Still feeling like something is missing from your life???

Could it possibly be that everything you have been told about happiness is a lie? And that all this time that you have been searching, you have been looking in the wrong place?

Benefits of Mindfulness

Create Space

Our busy minds never let up and this makes it difficult to know what we really think and feel. Mindfulness allows us to create mental and emotional space and to see things more clearly.

Emotional Clarity

By allowing ourselves space and time, we can really feel our emotions. So much of our lives is spent avoiding emotions, but when we really stop and listen, we begin to understand what we really want.

Develop Intuition

Often the answers we seek can be found if we can only listen carefully to our bodies and hearts. Through regular mindfulness practice we come to know what intuitively feels right to move forwards.

Relax deeply

A natural side effect of mindfulness practice is that we relax. By relaxing the mind, and creating body awareness, we also allow the emotional heart to open, bringing a new energy and engagement with life.

Learn Self Compassion

The disease of the modern world seems to be that when we are unhappy, we punish ourselves for feeling that way. Instead we can learn to be kind to ourselves, whatever the situation we find ourselves in.

Resolve Conflicts

When we are happy, it is often because different parts of us seem to be pulling in opposite directions. Mindfulness pracitice promotes integration, meaning greater harmony and less resistance in our lives.

Increase honesty

It is impossible to persist with mindfulness practice without becoming more honest with oneself. This means that what isn’t true tends to fall away and we naturally find ourself more aligned with our deepest desires.

Improve Relationship

By becoming more in tune with ourselves, we find we are able to communicate more authentically. And by chaging ourselves, we find our relationships also change for the better.

A New Orientation

With a new understanding that we no longer need to look outside of ourselves for happiness, we develop a new and more wholesome orientation towards life, with increased happiness and contentment.

Here's how I may be able to help?

Because I know first hand what it’s like when life just doesn’t seem quite right:

We all have different minds that work in their own unique ways. A one-to-one appointment will enable you to receive advice tailored to how your mind works, making it so much more effective.



Mindfulness meditation requires you to be kind to yourself. It is also important to have a teacher who is kind and empathetic. Thanks for everything Sagara.

Ian Cobb

Retired Health & Safety Manager


“I was skeptical when Sagara first offered to help, but he gave me the tools to help myself work with the bleakness I was feeling. I can wholeheartedly recommend working with him. ”

Maggie Jackson

Retired School Teacher

Durham High School

Please Email Me or or call on 07990 67 2200 to see how I can help you to look inwards and begin to find the reasons why life may not be providing the happiness you had planned..