Are you working hard to save your marriage without results?

Maybe you are approaching this in the wrong way?

Does your marriage seems doomed? Marriage Counselling hasn’t worked because your partner wouldn’t go or didn’t engage? Are you running out of ideas? Need a different approach?

Instead of working with you both, I just work with you. My Introductory Email Series will give you a sense if my approach is suitable to you – and help you decide if you want to work one-to-one with me.

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What’s Inside


Email 1

Change is still possible

There may be days when you feel alone, and that your marriage is beyond repair and you’re ready to throw in the towel. In these darkest times, change is still possible. And I’ll show you how to make it happen.

Email 4

Take responsibility

He may be acting like a jerk, but that’s no reason to keep youself stuck. So long as you are focused on what he’s doing wrong, you’re not making progress with yourself. Learn how to change your focus and put your energy where it really counts.

Email 2

Act now! Don’t Delay!

If you’re hanging around waiting for him to come to his senses and see what he’s missing – it’s unlikely to happen. You’ve got to make him see it. Don’t give your power away. Find out how to start taking action right away!

Email 5

Take some ‘me’ time

You need some ‘me’ time. Not just having a bath or buying yourself some chocolates. Some positive, dynamic, life changing ‘me’ time. Get started with a simple mindfulness exercise and learn how to transform your thinking and emotional patterns. And your life.

Email 3

You can make it happen

The actions you take will have an effect on your relationship. We tend to get into patterns which we follow like water follows grooves in sand. Learn what grooves you are following and start creating more helpful ones.

Email 6

Be kind to yourself

It’s a well used phrase and good advice. But being kind to yourself isn’t that easy. Often we are our own harshest critic. Mindfulness practice is about being kind to yourself and here you’ll get a flavour of how that works. YWhich is vital to implement change.

Who has benefited from this approach?

“You helped me regain my self esteem and feel better about myself. And gave me the courage to face the problems I had head on.”

I was sceptical of this approach at first but it really worked for me. I now feel more in control in my relationship and my husband definitely respects and shows his love for me more.”

Start to reclaim your Marriage with my Introductory Email Series

* 100% NO SPAM Guaranteed