Is your state of mind holding your back business?

If your mind is busy and troubled and under pressure, you won’t be making your best decisions. Your ability to have clarity and perspective is key to the success your business.

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You should sit in meditation for twenty minutes every day – unless you’re too busy; then you should sit for an hour.

~ Zen saying

Why Mindfulness Coaching is exactly what you need

To ensure the success of your business can mean putting in the extra hours. But consistent long hours and managing an excessive workload can take its toll on your physical and mental health, with the potential to negatively affect business performance.

The build up of stress can lead to include feelings of isolation, lethargy, lack of self-esteem, restlessness, irritability, hopelessness or a lack of interest in the things you normally enjoy. And you may find relationships with family and friends beginning to suffer.

Stress works on many fronts. It can cripple you, and yur ability to think clearly. It can suffocate your creativity and ability to make clear decisions. All of which feeds back in destroying the success of your business. A

Plus, it will take away the joy and inspiration which led you to start the business in the first place.

 Online Mindfulness Coaching Explained

What is Mindful Coaching?

Mindfulness coaching will allow you to access clearer and more positive metal states. Initially you will learn simple mindfulness techniques to deal with stress, with the option to look deeper into the drivers of these stressful states.  Ultimately it will equip you with an array tools to fully manage your mental and emotional wellbeing and give you a clearer perspective from which to approach your business and your life.

Why it will help you

The success of your business depends upon the positivity and clarity you bring to the business. When you are feeling under pressure and stressed, you are not in the position to make the best decisions for your business. Mindfulness coaching allows you to gain space around the pressures of running your business and enables you to enter a space where you can gain clarity and freedom from unhelpful thoughts and emotions.

When you can access it

Sagara is available most days and even if a slot is not available to schedule a consultation, he always endeavours to find time to provide any help or advice that is needed.

Where it takes place

The beauty of online coaching is that you can access it pretty much anywhere. As long as you have a mobile device and access to the internet, the opportunity to video call is accessible to you. 

How it works

You will meet one to one with Sagara who will dialogue with you about what you feel is causing problems for you and your business. Sagara will give you techniques to practice which you will review and adapt each successive session.

How much it will cost

A one-off session is £60 for 50 minutes. The subscription package is 150 minutes per month (2.5 hours) at £150/month. This will give you ongoing sessions, shorter follow-up sessions and some limited email contact.

Are you ready to take things deeper?

Here are a few words from me about how I can help you calm your mind:

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“You know you have found something special when you look forward to the next time. Every session was practical, explained clearly, and of immense personal help.”

Richard King,

ex-Head of Psychology

Burnside School, Wallsend

“I’d tried the Headspace app but my mind was still racing. Regular sessions with Sagara helped me focus and he gave me effective ways of working based on what I’d said.”

George Kinghorn


Baytrader, County Durham

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