What they are saying?


What they are saying?

– Shanti Stina

“I am in awe after this first session. It was brilliant. Sagara lead me with kindness and presence and I felt safe and cared for. This method opened up so much space for me around a really stuck issue that I honestly thought was never gonna leave. Now I have hope and feel lighter, more at ease.”

– Valerie Vinger

Sagara has been sharing sessions of inquiry with me for about 6 months. He and his skill to sit with me in presence as a facilitator has been a warm welcome each week.  When I  share a  painful  experience, Sagara listens, questions, and most of all is able to help bring up beliefs, I am not conscious of, that are affecting my everyday daily life. I feel heard, held, and loved after our work together. Inquiry has been a welcomed gift allowing me to feel safe and free with all my feelings.

– Andrew White

Sagara’s thoughtful questioning and insightful approach were extremely helpful in opening up fresh angles for me to use to develop my understanding. The techniques and tips worked well in addressing some of the underlying feelings that emerged. I would recommend anyone to give it a try and see for yourself the difference it makes.”

– Beverley Spangler

“I don’t know if it’s because I have a cancer lumpectomy in 4 days or if it’s his style in general, but there was a sort of zen efficiency (unrushed yet forward moving) to the way Sagara helped me restfully coexist with certain fear scenarios lurking on the outskirts of my awareness. So it felt like we loosened up and relaxed some relatively entrenched pockets of worry, anger, and fear around having and dealing with cancer. I left feeling more free- I was breathing easier, chest felt lighter, mind quieter. Pretty cool! And super practical. ”

– Jo Fry

“Despite only having ‘met’ Sagara online, I felt very at ease with him, very quickly. His manner was kind, gentle, understanding, with no hint of judgement. I felt I was able to be myself, as he gently encouraged me through my ‘process’. We had a full hour, which felt more than enough. I was surprised out how deeply it felt that we went, despite the session being online. I believe that what we covered will underpin my meditation practice, and look forward to seeing if it has had an effect in the future.”

– Cait Hughes

“Sagara was very gentle and perceptive, and could very quickly get into my issue, understand it, and help me unpick it. He was very calm and confident as well and I was surprised how quickly I felt differently about the issue I had raised. I wouldn’t hesitate to book a session with him .”

– Ian Cobb

Mindfulness meditation requires you to be kind to yourself. It is also important to have a teacher who is kind and empathetic. Thanks for everything Sagara.

– Julie Wan

Very helpful session. Found the process challenging, but had insight into what’s underneath some of my daily insecurities. Brought in kinder acceptance, and a deeper level of understanding, much beyond the cognitive. Thank you Sagaracitta.

– Surya Citta

I have found Sagara to be one of the most insightful teachers I have ever encountered. It is obvious that he teaches from his own experience gleaned from his many years of deep practice. I find he is able to make mindfulness relevant to people’s lives.

– Darren Hiller

Sagara is a beautiful soul that is a truly gifted facilitator. He makes you feel supported and safe. When I work with Sagara, he lifts my level of awareness through his awareness and deep presence.

– Jonas Erikkson

I was pleasantly surprised with the session. It was easy to relax and follow your instructions, and I felt I could trust you and the techniques you presented. Even though it was the first time and only one hour I got valuable insights about some really old tensions/feelings, which is rather amazing to be honest. Thank you.

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