The Gather and Release Practice

The Gather and Release Practice is a simple meditation practice and a useful place to start with mindfulness / awareness practices.

Very simply, the idea with this meditation practice is that we gently place our attention on something, and try to rest it there. Inevitably, our mind will wander. The task is to – when we find our minds have wandered away from that object – kindly and gently and without fuss, bring our mind back. We keep repeating this process again and again every time we notice it has wandered.

The Gather and Release Practice involves first placing our attention on the body and scanning through from toes to the top of the head. We then briefly visit the emotions and thoughts, before placing our attention on the breath. In the next and final phase we engage our imagination to bring meaning to each breath and to help soothe our body, emotional heart, and mind.

By clicking a link below, you can stream the audio online, or donload it to your device. If you can find somewhere where you can sit comfortably and listen to it for 15 minutes, without being disturbed, that is all you really need. Just follow the audio and allow it to guide you. Any questions or concerns, please do get in touch.