Some people get their cancer diagnosis and from that moment on their doctor is God.

Just tell me what to do doctor and I’ll do it. Tell me I’ve got three months to live, and I’ll do my best to live for three months.

You know what I mean.

I listened to the doctors too. But I also decided to approach my cancer diagnosis on every level I could.

That mean’t diet, exercise, meditation, therapy, and energy work.

Despite being fairly out there in terms of my beliefs around alternative medicine – having experienced success for haemorrhoids through homeopathy, and having studied Shaitsu for four years – I still approached Reiki with a certain degree of skepticism. 

Because Reiki seems to be about someone just putting their hands on you.

And there seemed (to me) from what I’d read that there was a lot of hype about levels and attunements and so forth, which from my experience of religion were somewhat off-putting.

But anyway, drawn perhaps by some unseen force, I arranged a session.

My Reiki practitioner, Lola, is absolutely lovely, and made me feel at ease from the start. She had obvious knowledge of energy and chakras and healing, and used a language about these things that was unfamiliar, but very much understandable, to me.

The first couple of treatments were deeply relaxing and I would recommend Reiki purely on that experience.

It felt like a chance to rest deeply, and perhaps more than that, there seemed to be something in it for me about allowing myself the time to take time out just for me, and rest. And to be ‘cared for’ by someone else.

Things changed during the third treatment.

When she placed her hands on my abdomen I felt a sudden rush of energy, a shortness of breath, a crazy flickering of my eyelids, and sensations throughout the whole body.

I can only describe this experience as a release. It felt like something that was blocked had suddenly been undone. Like something within me was now aligned that hadn’t been before.

And this has happened again since during subsequent treatments.

I could put forward several theories about what is going on here. And Lola, I’m sure, has her own take on it.

But whatever story I choose to give to it, the results are undeniable. I have felt more grounded, more present, more in touch with myself physically and emotionally, and in a much better place regarding my diagnosis and how to get my head round it.

For sure, it hasn’t all been Reiki. But Reiki has been a big part of it.

I now see Reiki as an awareness practice and happily share it with my clients.

In the room where I receive my treatments there is a picture of Dr Mikao Usui, believed by many to be the founder of Reiki.

Also on the picture are the five principles of Reiki which encapsulate so well what one can feel during a treatment. 

But also, they are great principles for life:

Just for today, do not be angry
Just for today, do not worry
Just for today, be grateful
Just for today, work hard
Just for today, be kind to others.

If you are anxious and worried because you have been diagnosed with cancer, I highly recommend you take just one of these principles as your own personal mantra – to recite and give you comfort when things get tough….

‘Just for today, I will not worry’

And that’s the key: Just for today! No need to worry about the future – about what may or may not happen.

Just focus on today. On here and now.

Connect to that deep within you that is beyond anxiety and worry. And allow that to be your guide.

A Reiki practitioner can help you with this.


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